Slide The Power of nanoseed alpha It release chlorine dioxide at the nano level for terminating viruses. The nano-sized particels (1/1,000,000 of millimeter) are diffused over a wide area to sanitize and deodorize the space of the room. Know More

Introducing Air Sterilization Service

We Focus On Your Clean Air, So You Can Focus On Your Business

At a fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy clean air anytime at your office.

Nanoseed α reduces the number of
viruses, bacteria, fungi and also works as deodorizers.

Exclusively patented ION engine technology (Nano-level diffusion) diffuses negatron-laden liquids into the air.

The functional water (cholorine dioxide) flies toward the positron in the room so functional water can be diffused into a wider space.


Equipped with four ion engines, it can quickly disperse and deodorize nano-sized functional water in a wider.


It can perform sterilization and deodorization in a room of about 160 square meters, by only one machine.


It does not use the heat treatment or U L ultrasound There is no noise that will not disturb you.

Nanoseed Alpha specification

Power supply

DC12V 3.8A (used by AC adapter)

Consumption power

usually 15W (maximum is 35W)


Length is 285 mm, Width is 285mm, and Height is 700mm.


10.5kg (except AC adapter and water bottle)


White (Estimated consumption of the 5 litter functional water)

Energy saving mode

about 30 days

Normal mode

about 15 days

Enhanced mode

about 4 days